Life By Passion

Our mission

A platform where art meets the environment

Our Vision

Life by Passion is an online marketplace that encourages the passion of young artists while also supporting environmental charities. Youth have powerful voices that deserve to be heard and art is the perfect way for artists to express their thoughts, beliefs, and emotion, but also simply have fun.

Young artists can sell their artwork or display it on our digital gallery. At least 10% of sales will be donated to an environmental charity. This will allow artists to grow and self support their passion while also helping to save the world they live in.

Empowering Emerging Artists

Art is costly, so increasing the flow of money to the artists allows them to continue doing what they love. That is why we want to give artists the maximum revenue for their work.

Environmental stewardship

at least 10% of each sale is donated to an environmental charity, helping the Earth and bettering the future of our planet. We only have one home and it is up to us to ensure a vital and equitable world for all people and beings on the planet.


Experience the impact of art on society and how it drives positive change.


Support charities and noble causes by purchasing stunning artwork that gives back to those in need.


Connect with a vibrant community of art lovers, creators, and supporters.


Support meaningful causes by donating a portion of art sales to charities.


Engage in art events, workshops, and exhibitions that celebrate creativity and diversity.

Discover the Heart Behind Life By Passion - Empowering Artists, Enriching Lives, and Changing the World!

At Life By Passion, we believe in the power of art to inspire change and make a difference.

Our mission is to revolutionize the art world by selling breathtaking artwork and donating a portion of the proceeds to support charities worldwide.

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